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2021 Exhibitors


Casper Cox

Learn more about Casper and how to get your hands on one of the new guides to snorkeling the southern appalachians.

Film Reel

Freshwaters Illustrated

Learn more about Freshwater Illustrated's efforts to raise awareness of aquatic life through the power of film.


Jacobs Engineering

Jacobs Engineering works to make the world smarter, more connected, and more sustainable. They have regional offices throughout the Tennessee River Basin in AL, GA, KY, NC, TN, and VA. 

Learn more here

Hamilton County Logo-3.jpg

Hamilton County
Water Quality Program

Hamilton County Water Quality Program strives to comply with applicable federal and state clean water laws and regulations by protecting water quality by preventing pollution, providing education on the importance of water quality to the environment and public health, and promoting public involvement in the stewardship of the local water environment.


Learn more here 

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