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Each year our Partners submit nominations for organizations or individuals they feel should be recognized for their achievements related to aquatic conservation. Two awards are given each year, one is the field of Communication/Outreach, and the second in the field of Science/Management. 

Past Tennessee River Basin Network Annual Awards Recipients


2015 - Cherokee National Forest Snorkeling Program and Alabama Clean Water Partnership

2016 - Haywood Waterways Association

2017 - Clinch River Valley Initiative

2018 - Powell River Blueway Trail

2019 - Casper Cox

2020 - WaterWays

2021 - Mr. Derek Wheaton

2022 - Care NET (pictured at right) 

Image (3).jpeg


2015 - Conservation Fisheries, Inc., Upper Tennessee River Round table, and Mainspring Conservation Trust.

2016 - Dr. Carl Zipper - Virginia Tech

2017 - Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition (pictured at right)

2018 - Little River Chapter of Trout Unlimited

2019 - Dr. John McFadden

2020 - Mr. Andy Hill

2021 - Conserving Carolina

2022 - Alabama Aquatic Biodiversity Center (pictured at right)

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